Governing Body

The North Lake Management District was founded in 1990. The District was created to manage the body of water known as North Lake with particular regard to the “quality and environmental protection, rehabilitation and safe enjoyment for the riparian owners and the public, both present and future generations.”


  • Jerry P. Heine, Chairman
  • Gary Stippich, Secretary
  • Don Reinbold, Treasurer
  •  Dick Nawrocki, Town of Merton
  •  Dick Morris, Waukesha County

Committees and Chairmen

  • Environmental and Water Quality, John Muehl
  • Public Access, Bronson Haase
  • Water Safety, Goose Control, and Fish Management, Dan Aicher
  • Monches Dam, Walter Schaeffer
  • Finance, Sam Bradt
  • Aquatic Skimmer / Harvester, Jim Bast


NLMD By-Laws Revised August 29, 2005