High Water Alert

At times, North Lake experiences high water levels. During these times shore erosion can occur, especially when wave action is high. In addition, piers and rafts float away. To minimize these problems, experts suggest a slow-no-wake policy for all boats until the water level drops. The NLMD has purchased a large fluorescent lime green buoy that will be anchored on the island between the small and large lake. In addition, a high water alert will be emailed to all members of the NLMD for which we have email addresses. The commissioners will determine when the buoy will be displayed. While it is displayed, we ask all boaters to comply with a slow-no-wake rule for the entire lake. In addition,  it is the law and you can be ticked for non-compliance.  The buoy will be removed as soon as the lake level returns to normal.

Please review Section (6) SPEED RESTRICTIONS, subsection (d) Speed Limit – Slow-No-Wake – High Water of the Town of Merton Ordinance 20.04 – NORTH LAKE AND OCONOMOWOC RIVER. (Am. 4/24/90; Am. 6/22/16; Rep. & recr. 3/26/18(2)) for detailed information.  The ordinance is linked below.